Migration Meeting at home on Highview Angus Ranch

Having posted enough fire updates for days on end, I decided to grab my point-and-shoot and go for a walk after feeding my horses. I was hoping to get at least one nice picture of the thousands of birds who are gathering for their migrant trips on our irrigation pipes. I ended up choosing two of them.  Shot with a … Continue ReadingMigration Meeting at home on Highview Angus Ranch

Mia at 1200mm

I don’t always carry an expensive camera with me. With the right editing software, you can create unique pictures even with a less than $400 point-and-shoot camera. It takes time, practice, and a passion for the subject. Taken with a Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 4K; edited in Adobe Lightroom. #MyDarlingMiaWHT#WildHorsesThunder   Click here to subscribe to my newsletter

Sparrows in deep winter at home at Highview Angus Ranch

Two little Sparrows wintering at Highview Angus Ranch It all started with two, then there came more, and now we have a six-pack after setting out a block of wild bird seeds for the winter. There is nothing more beautiful than to wake up on a winter morning to the chirping of these beautiful little birds.  Click here to subscribe … Continue ReadingSparrows in deep winter at home at Highview Angus Ranch

The Nez Perce Horse

THE APPALOOSA MAJESTIC, admirably, endurance While attending an event near Spaulding, Idaho, as one of two chosen photographers by the Nez Perce tribe to cover the “Nez Perce Renaming Ceremony”, I encountered an amazing and beyond beautiful horse that belongs to the breed of the Appaloosa. The people who know me know that I was born to be horse crazy. There … Continue ReadingThe Nez Perce Horse


Unwelcome by some – loved by us at the ranch! Ringneck wild pheasants Phasianus colchicus is his scientific name.The Ring-necked Pheasant is not native to America. He was brought from the old country in the 1800’s. And that is why this beautiful bird is not liked by what is called the purists in the birding community. Biased against a bird … Continue ReadingPEANUT!