FAQ ~ Purchase Pictures ~ Copyrights

  • I offer more than 60 different products via my preferred trusted lab.
    The cost of an image depends on the event, size of the image, type of paper, offered product, and added framing if applicable.

After placing an order your purchased image(s) will undergo a fine-tune editing process that includes verifying image cropping, color, and sharpness to assure the best image quality.
You will receive an additional email as soon as your purchase has been approved by me for printing by my trusted lab.

  • You may upload and share any image that you have purchased directly from Wild Horses Thunder, Wild Horses Media Productions, or Eastern Oregon Sports for personal use only.
  • You may reprint digital download purchases from the above sources for personal use only.
  • You must not scan, take a picture of a picture, and/or duplicate purchased hard-copy pictures for the reproduction of any kind without prior written permission from Angelika Ursula Dietrich.
    • If you wish to reprint purchased images, please purchase a high-quality digital download (see above).
  • Pictures purchased from the above sources are sold with a non-exclusive, personal usage license, meaning you cannot resell or use them for business purposes, including non-profit.
  • For additional information please read LEGAL COPYRIGHT INFORMATION below.
  • Images on this website and/or third-party affiliated sites are copyrighted by the original photographer/artist – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • If you don’t have a usage rights contract that I signed, you DO NOT have the right to use any of my images regardless of use, including non-profit, or give usage rights to anyone else!
  • To use any image for professional, business, and non-profit use, please contact Angelika BEFORE you purchase the image.
    • Personal license agreements include the ability to print, upload, and share PURCHASED images at your leisure.
      It DOES NOT include using the image(s) for professional, business, and non-profit use including advertisements, et.al.
  • COPYRIGHT means that any artist, photographer, developer, etc., has the right to protect his or her created work. That applies to the work of adults as well as children. Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (title 17, U.S. Code) to the authors of original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and other intellectual works. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works. Section 106 of the 1976 Copyright Act generally gives the owner of copyright the exclusive right to do and to authorize others to do the following… (see link below)
  • For more information on legal copyrights click here