The Nez Perce Horse

THE APPALOOSA MAJESTIC, admirably, endurance While attending an event near Spaulding, Idaho, as one of two chosen photographers by the Nez Perce tribe to cover the “Nez Perce Renaming Ceremony”, I encountered an amazing and beyond beautiful horse that belongs to the breed of the Appaloosa. The people who know me know that I was born to be horse crazy. There … Continue ReadingThe Nez Perce Horse

Pure Nature in June

Reconnecting with God, Mother Nature, and the Universe June 12, 2021 While many find God in the comfort of the church I reconnect with my creator in the outdoors hanging out with animals of his kingdom. Our animals, wildlife, and livestock, represent an integrated part of our souls. Living in the mountains of Wallowa County, Oregon, summers are accompanied by … Continue ReadingPure Nature in June