June at Highview Angus Ranch

The biggest days of the year

at Highview Angus Ranch
June 2023 in three minutes and 29 seconds

2023 Registered Angus herd breeding

was a tremendous success! A HUGE shout out and many THANK YOU’s to our amazing Angus Cow Herd Breeding Crew!

Featured photography ©Angelika Ursula Dietrich

(Produced for Highview Angus Ranch)

Highview Angus Ranch is located in the beautiful cattle country of Northeastern Oregon and under the Wallowa Mountains. We are a third-generation family cattle operation dedicated to providing genetic solutions to our customer’s needs through Angus Bulls and Females deep in nationally known and proven A.I. sires.

We are officially done with our June AI Breeding Project at Highview Angus Ranch. Jeff said we have never had as many cows and first-year heifers to breed as this year. A project like this can only be done with a reliable crew. And, of course, our team is not only reliable and dedicated, but every single one is AMAZING and LOVES WHAT THEY DO!!! I always say that ranching is not a “job;” indeed, it is a calling from God, our Creator. And while Dad, barbecued Highview Angus Hamburgers on Friday, Mom baked a cake and took care of all the little details, while I fixed ten pounds of homemade potato salad and chicken on Saturday, we, the Parker family, would like to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to our crew members, Chris, Russel, Steve, Kevin, Stephanie, and Jeff D.



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