The Ordination of a Deacon

to the transitional Diaconate

at the St. Patrick Episcopal Church in Enterprise, Oregon, on August 22, 2021.

A Momentous Occasion.

I wrote yesterday evening on Facebook that this was one of, if not the longest, video productions is being uploaded right now to VIMEO. On August 21, 2021, my dear friend and soul sister, Katy, was ordained as Deacon at the St. Patrick Episcopal Church in Enterprise, Oregon. I promised Katy to be there not only as her friend but also with a menagerie of equipment.

Click on image to view large picture

Click on image to view large picture

It was important to Katy

to livestream on Facebook because of COVID-19 and friends from afar who couldn’t attend. 
So I brought my big iPhone. Stephen Paul Kliewer donated wireless audio equipment to the church 🙂
But that’s not where it ended. I wanted Katy, her family, friends, and congregation to hold on to the memories from the view of Bishop Patrick Bell and other presenters without being too intrusive to the sacrality of the occasion. I grew up in the European Roman Catholic Church, so I understand. Hence, I brought two more small video cameras, one static, the other handheld.

And so here it is… Love & peace 💕🙏#WildHorsesThunder 



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