VIDEO: Bringing home the cows and calves

August 25, 2021

at Highview Angus Ranch, Enterprise, Oregon


To some, this may be a boring, redundant event. To us, this means everything! It is different every time, and this time it was, in my humble opinion, magnificent.

Bringing home the cows and their calves up Homan Lane felt like “God’s presence” was all around us from my perspective. 

The cows entered the road without hesitation. The calves followed their Warrior Mommas without pausing in their steps. Together, they marched in unity, slow and collected. They never hesitated to enter the corral, nor were they bothered by that little human being (me) standing there quietly with a stick that barely moved.

THIS IS HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE! We don’t chase, we guide. We don’t yell and scream. We talk to our livestock as if we are one: Quietly, minutely, respectfully. 

If you can handle watching five minutes and 50 seconds of Jeff, his Dad Dave, Chris, our Border Collies Stone and Oakie, and me (at the very end) bringing home over 200 cows and their calves you will understand what is of utmost importance to us: The mental and physical wellbeing of our animals!

Thank you, dear Lord, for such an incredible experience this morning.

PS: If you are wondering where I am in relation to the video camera: I am all the way to the right-hand side behind the camera holding a long stick that is intended to extend my arm for guidance when and if necessary. I step forward at the very end to help Dad to guide and hold the calves before closing the gates. 

Because of the ranch’s specific needs, we don’t use horses anymore. We use four-wheelers, ATVs, and our irreplaceable Border Collies. 

Enjoy the video 🙂 

Angelika Ursula Dietrich
Highview Angus Ranch

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