Kickoff at 75th Chief Joseph Days: The Bucking Horse Stampede

~ Always Never the Same ~

Chief Joseph Days’ kickoff has been the famous Bucking Horse Stampede for decades, and usually everything goes pretty smooth coming down Main Street in Joseph.

But there are years

where the mood of the horses and their natural curiosity adds a little more flair and excitement to the game.  
Someone in the herd decided it was time to go back to the rodeo grounds early, so they took a turn at West Wallowa Avenue that leads straight to the front entrance of the rodeo grounds. 

Click on image to view large picture

Click on image to view large picture

responded immediately rounding up the escapees. They were promptly returned to Main Street where the trot to fame continued. 
As a photographer you have to be flexible. Whatever I had planned just went down the tubes and I had only a few seconds to adjust the angle to get as much motion as possible. 
If you missed these amazing “15 seconds of fame” there is always next year 🙂 

Following the bucking horses are the 75th Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Court honor Queens, Brianna Micka, Casidee Harrod, and Destiny Wecks, and last but not least the Chief Joseph Days Stage Coach crew Karen, Gary, and Max Prout. 

Bucking Horse Stampede Picture Gallery

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Thank you for your interest in my photography. ~ Angelika Ursula Dietrich – Wild Horses Thunder


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