VIDEO: Out and about with Jeff, cows, and calves on Fathers Day

Spending Fathers Day

with Highview Angus cows and Calves

Vitamins and Minerals

are an essential part of our cow and calf herd. They are very important in beef cattle nutritional programs for proper animal function, such as bone development, immune function, muscle contractions, and nervous system function and needs to be supplemented on a regular basis.

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Click on image to view large picture

The little perks

of watching our calves grow strong and big always make up for the hard work it takes to raise cattle.
My Warrior Mamas are never far from their young and will defend their offspring if challenged and pushed. Therefore remember, that these magnificent animals are by no means tame just because they represent a domesticated form of other bovine. They maintained their wild protective instincts just like the buffalo and other bovine sub-species. So be smart and enjoy them from afar!


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