A Highview Angus Ranch Feline

Mother Nature's little actors

come in all shapes and forms. Every one of them has their script already written and set into place. Indeed, our ranch cats at Highview Angus Ranch serve a very important purpose. They assist to keep the small rodent population under control. If it wouldn’t be for their help we would see unnecessary destruction and disease across the landscape.

Bella comes from a line of cats that have been residing at Highview Angus Ranch for decades. Outside influence from non-related felines helps to keep the offspring healthy and vigorous.

These cats are WILD and that is how we want to keep it! Very seldom will one of them allow me to get as close as I did this morning. Being wild not only increases their chances of survival in the wild dramatically, it also minimizes the chances of being stolen by someone without knowing why they must stay a part of nature instead of adding to the comfort of a residence.

Bella in the early spring. She has grown twice the size since then.
Bella in the early spring. She has grown twice the size since then. In the picture is her Momma "MinnieMe". Cats are not loners as described in many tales. Wild cats live as a family who help raise the young of another feline mother. Even a related tom cat helps out when needed.
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